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conditions of contract

  1. The accommodation agency Freiraum is commissioned as a mediator between a landlord/lady, and a client wishing to rent a room/ apartment/bedsit. That is, to provide information about accommodation available and to bring the client and the landlord/lady into contact with oneanother. It is the job of the agent to inform the client in order to secure for him/her a tenancy agreement. It is up to the client and landlord/lady to decide upon the tenancy contract. 

  2. The client is not permitted to hand the offer to a third party.

  3. If as a result of the agency’s intervention a tenancy agreement is reached, the client is obliged to inform the agency immediately (on the following working day at the latest) and also to pay the appropriate fee within 10 days.  For cash payments there is a reduction of 2%. 

  4. The client is obliged to pay the fee for the period of rent arranged with the agency. Shorter periods can only be taken into account when pre-arranged with the agency. If the flat is rented for a longer period than originally agreed, the client must inform the agency immediately and pay the difference in the fee

  5. If this fee is not paid within the given time, a additional collection fee of EUR 5 will be charged. This collection fee will be raised if bills remain unpaid.

  6. Only if damages occur due to a breach of contract on behalf of the agency (either deliberate or as a result of negligence) is the agency in any way liable. 

  7. This contract is valid for two months. The client must inform the agency in writing if s/he rents accommodation independently (without the help of freiraum) or if the contract, for other reasons is no longer valid

  8. Any changes or additions to this contract can only be made following written agreement. The validity of this contract is not reduced if one of it’s clauses become partly or fully invalid. If a condition or time limit in the contract becomes legally invalid the legally recognised version is authoritative. 

  9. Court of jurisdiction and place of contract fulfilment is Berlin. The client, in signing this contract recognises it’s conditions and confirms receiving a copy of the contract.